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Jelly Beans in Life 

  • Just finished the book and truly enjoyed every minute I spent with it. The characters were so well defined and the plot was really interesting. No violence and just a hint of sex. When this book becomes a movie I would cast Matthew McConaughey as Larry and Amy Adams as Susan with Morgan Freeman playing ‘Red’.”

  • “I don’t know that I’ll ever find another book that I’ll relate to more personally than Jelly Beans in Life.”

  • “So many layers to the story and the characters are so real.”

  • “Jelly Beans in Life was great! I read it straight through. Couldn’t put it down! Really well done! Waiting for next installment.”

  • “I shared much of Jelly Beans in Life with my wife. She was getting a kick out of my enthusiasm in reciting situations Larry was in and how he would handle them.”

  • “I read Jelly beans in Life at the beach. I confess, I had no expectation or idea what the storyline would be about. I read 3-4 books a month and I loved the book. Can’t wait for the follow-up.”

Jelly Beans in Life 2, ‘Trails’
  • “Holy Macaroni! I loved, loved it! The last two chapters are a beautiful, powerful and poignant culmination to this part of the story and were absolutely brilliantly written in every way. It made me laugh and cry and feel like I was at the office of Dr. Van Slyke, and at the fliers with all the gang. The dialogue is real and believable; very engaging to the reader. This book is a winner!!! I’m so inspired by Larry’s courage, honesty and most of all, his shining gift of humor which is the greatest coping skill of all. I also liked the introspective look into the marriage of Larry and Susan; truly exemplifying what those original vows are all about. I feel honored to have had a chance to read this before print. This book will educate, entertain and inspire.”

The Reputable Rep
  • "A quick easy read that will help you in your sales job regardless of industry. The author uses real life stories which makes it easier to relate to the advice he is providing. He discusses the basics of sales, listening to you clients and closing the deal. I particularly found his advice on maintaining a positive attitude and a focus on customer service to be very helpful. I recommend this book to anyone is the sales/ representative business as I feel even experienced reps can learn something from this well written book."

  • “Having had a small bit of experience in business to business sales, I decided this book might help explain some of the reasons why I might have failed when I thought I was doing well or why I succeeded when I was certain I would fail.

  • While partly a call to join the less glamorous sales communities, this book has some great tips on how to make certain that 1) the customer feels comfortable with you having something to sell, while not being sold, 2) how not to make foolish mistakes that would hinder credibility with customers and even your own sales team, 3) hour to enjoy being a rep.


  • Some of this stuff, from a person who was never trained and pretty much steered clear of sales jobs most of her life, is pretty invaluable. Money well spent.

  • "Sure selling plumbing parts isn't the most glamorous job, but the author uses it as a great illustration on how to succeed in sales. He uses lots of stories from friends and colleagues to keep you entertained and to pepper in unique advice (like always bring donuts). I also liked that he broke down some useful information-such as key product influencers in a supply chain and how to deal with problem phone calls. This book was a great example of how an author can use their personal experiences to help encourage others to succeed."

Never Really Normal
  • “Just finished your wonderful book. Was sorry to see it end. It was brilliant and you should be incredibly proud of your work.

  • "I absolutely loved this book. As a real estate agent I learned a ton about creating relationships, building a business, and successful sales techniques. Not only was it educational, but a joy to read. The story was written in first person and I found myself frequently chuckling out loud. Bravo to the author Sig Schmalhofer."

  • "What an incredible journey, I was unable to put this read down, inspiring is the word I use here, Sig is just a true inspiration!"

  • "What a great book. As you read through the book you will experience a wonderful story about a true entrepreneur and industry trailblazer. Whether you are an entrepreneur or just beginning your career (any career), there are many lessons in the book that will help you be successful in business and in life! Well done Sig!"

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