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Jelly Beans in Life (6-snapshots)

  • “Just finished the book and truly enjoyed every minute I spent with it. The characters were so well defined and the plot was really interesting. No violence and just a hint of sex. When this book becomes a movie I would cast Matthew McConaughey as Larry and Amy Adams as Susan with Morgan Freeman playing ‘Red’.”

  • “I don’t know that I’ll ever find another book that I’ll relate to more personally than Jelly Beans in Life.”

  • “So many layers to the story and the characters are so real.”

  • “Jelly Beans in Life was great! I read it straight through. Couldn’t put it down! Really well done! Waiting for next installment.”

  • “I shared much of Jelly Beans in Life with my wife. She was getting a kick out of my enthusiasm in reciting situations Larry was in and how he would handle them.”

  • “I read Jelly beans in Life at the beach. I confess, I had no expectation or idea what the storyline would be about. I read 3-4 books a month and I loved the book. Can’t wait for the follow-up.”

Review-Jelly Beans in Life 2, ‘Trails’

“Holy Macaroni! I loved, loved it! The last two chapters are a beautiful, powerful and poignant

culmination to this part of the story and were absolutely brilliantly written in every way. It made me

laugh and cry and feel like I was at the office of Dr. Van Slyke, and at the fliers with all the gang. The

dialogue is real and believable; very engaging to the reader. This book is a winner!!! I’m so inspired by

Larry’s courage, honesty and most of all, his shining gift of humor which is the greatest coping skill of all.

I also liked the introspective look into the marriage of Larry and Susan; truly exemplifying what those

original vows are all about. I feel honored to have had a chance to read this before print. This book will

educate, entertain and inspire.”

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