Jelly Beans in Life is a well-crafted slice of Americana that takes place in

1987 during a California housing boom. Larry is an ambitious, Ronald

Reagan loving, salesman in the plumbing industry who adeptly

engineers clever solutions for the challenges that unfold. Susan is a

John Lennon loving, left leaning democrat. She cherishes her vintage

Corvette, teaching high school and acting as the lightening rod of a

small town city council that is wrestling with a housing moratorium.

Charlie is the beloved, aging chocolate lab who is the master of the ranch that serves as Larry and Susan Schafer’s home. By staying neutral during the couple’s verbal ping pong matches Charlie is rewarded with left-overs and jelly bean snacks. The captivating story told in an engaging, humorous manner, will inspire the reader to find the jelly beans in their life.


In Jelly Beans in Life 2, ‘Trails’, the author paints a tapestry of emotions;

hardy laughs in one scene followed by emotional firestorms in the next.

Character interaction is freewheeling, witty and honest. The tale weaves together personal struggles and business challenges; rewarding

the reader with clever resolutions; offering conflicts and resolutions

that motivate the reader to turn pages. Larry and Susan are again

featured in leading rolls much like Spencer Tracy and Katheryn

Hepburn. The humor is ‘Seinfeld-esque’. Characters like ‘The Pencil

Breaker’ and ‘Socrates’ enrich the story. Frank and Red are again Larry’s

hard-nosed mentors. Charlie, the ever loyal companion and Sergeant

Pepper, the perceptive stallion, are Larry’s sounding boards. Jelly Beans

in Life 2, ‘Trails’ is emotionally charged, evoking compassionate tears, hardy laughs and ear to ear smiles.

Jelly Beans in Life
Jelly Beans in Life 2, 'Trails':
The Reputable Rep

The Reputable Rep is a nonfiction business book that takes the reader

into the world of manufacturer’s representatives. It is a book that all

outside sales people calling on contractors, distributors or specifiers will

want to read.

In a format that can be used as a sales reference book, The Reputable

Rep integrates best practices, pertinent real life success stories and

notable comments from respected industry executives.

The book is written from the perspective of a successful rep in the

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It is a must read for both career seekers and individuals driven to make

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